Sacred Feminine Contracts + Relationships

If your soul chose to reactivate the feminine healing spirit in this lifetime, it can have an impact on the relationships you enter into, especially intimate or romantic ones.

Many torchbearers of the feminine spirit started out in this lifetime with little awareness of their soul contract to the Goddess.

Very often, you’ll grow up with a diminished sense of your own true spiritual power and presence.

A huge part of activating your feminine soul takes place in the process of reuniting with your own inner power.
You had agreements to meet with certain sacred teachers and activators who could help you rekindle the flames of feminine consciousness.

Some of these teachers appear as highly supportive mentors who give generously of their time and energy for your purpose to unfold.

But some of these teachers arrive in disguise: perhaps as lovers or friends who seriously and intensively challenge your ability to stand in your power, and value yourself.

Frequently, as a pioneer of the feminine soul, you’ll recreate partnerships that have their origin in some of your past lives.

These relationship bring back memories of suppression of the wise, ancient goddess inside. Damaging or abusive patterns can arise as you find yourself re-experiencing a reflection of having been ridiculed or shamed for being who you really are.

These relationships can take their toll, prodding you into therapy or self-reflective work as you uncover all the roots of why you felt so weak or diminished within them.

As your own inner power is reclaimed, and you make space to unfurl your wings into their full breadth, you may come to see that they were a part of your growth.

*This doesn’t give validation to any abuse or trauma you may have suffered. It’s not a ‘spiritual excuse’ for anyone who may have abused their power within a relationship with you.*

Your journey into resurrecting the feminine soul on earth can take you into some dark, shadowy places. And the purpose of this is always for you to reclaim the victim, listen to her pain, acknowledge her deep past and present suffering, and validate her anger.

It’s to know that that the flames of your inner power really are being re-stoked – and that you have more sacred powerfulness inside you than you may have ever believed.

As you feel the warmth of that power bringing your feminine soul back to life, it ushers in new sacred contracts within your relationships.

As your sacred feminine power is firmly anchored, so you can re-establish relationships that mirror and amplify that power.

You won’t be cowering in the corner, or scared to utter your truth, or petrified to spread your magnificent wings out wide.

You won’t be frightened to be truly seen by a partner, because you’ve come to see and accept yourself with total truth.

Intimacy with another can take on a whole new meaning for you – and be totally reborn in some cases. It can reflect the new relationship you have with yourself – and your immense sacred feminine soul-power.

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