Super Full Flower Moon Eclipse

This is a great turning point for you – or it can be if you slow down enough to receive the energies.

This Full Supermoon calls for gentleness of all kinds – an ultra-feminine energy, a receiving and trusting flow.

If you’ve experienced a painful loss or challenging emotional time, this Moon can really support you with her waves of compassionate light.

If you’re feeling any level of burn out or are depleted, this Moon can really fill your cup.

Life can be intense and demanding. You’ve been holding a lot.

Most of it is probably using your ‘masculine’ energy – planning, strategising, logic, analysis, figuring things out in your head, responding to requests and working that Solar Plexus hard!

By contrast, this full moon carries a super-charged dose of feminine light.

Throughout this lunar eclipse period, the Goddess Kuan Yin and feminine archangels send nourishing waves of light through a template called ‘The Flower of Life’.

If you can, just take a few minutes to receive the energy. Try this short meditation:

  • Imagine your heart centre opening to receive all the help, support, resources and time that you need
  • See flocks of angels and goddess Kuan Yin coming to refill your tired body and mind with high quality light
  • Visualize yourself handing over your concerns or struggles to Kuan Yin and her feminine archangels. The Flower Template absorbs your heavy load.
  • Accept relaxation into your body – there’s no perfect way to do this, just do your best!
  • Seal over your Chakras with white light and receive a kiss from Kuan Yin.

Enjoy the nourishment of the Full Flower Supermoon, because it’s offering a time to be refilled and replenished.

Ask for help from the Divine, and notice when it arrives into your reality.

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